Hello Nokia

Today I checked the logs for my blog site and lo and behold someone from Nokia had visited my site in relation to my previous blog entry which described the lack of IrMC on the 6230. Here are the details of his/her visit:

  • Date: 18 Feb, 10:18:15
  • From: Finland
  • IP:
  • Host: esprx02x.nokia.com
  • OS: Windows 2000
  • Browser: Firefox 1.0
  • Referrer: www.technorati.com

The Nokia person found the article through Technorati, this link specifically. Now let’s hope they do something with this information. With the upcoming Sony Ericsson “Clara” (probably K750i) and the K800i that was announced on the 3GSM World Congress 2005, I have plenty of cool phones to replace the 6230 with if Nokia does not fix this flaw. Nevertheless it is good to see that at least one person at Nokia is using Firefox.