Nokia migrating from IE to Firefox?

For some reason Nokia continues to be the subject of this week’s posts. This time it is not about the lack of IrMC support on the Nokia 6230 or that someone from Nokia actually read the article. It is about this article on The Register that Nokia may be migrating 55,000 desktops from Internet Explorer to the Firefox browser. Nokia off course denies any such thing. With monday’s partnership between Nokia and Microsoft still fresh on the table, I’m sure Gates and friends would not be amused.

However, if I look at the data from the one person from Nokia that visited my blog, it is quite obvious that there definitely are people at Nokia who use the excellent Firefox browser. So the question is if Nokia denied the Firefox migration rumour merely to keep Microsoft at peace or that there really is no story. Time will tell.

Looking at the security nightmare called IE it absolutely makes business sense to migrate from IE to Firefox. Last night I used IE at a friend’s house. If you are used to the Firefox experience then using IE makes a grown man cry. IE’s age is really slapping you in the face and it is embarassingly obvious that Microsft hasn’t spent a minute on IE since they killed Netscape. Microsoft may have announced IE7 but the articles on this subject on the Net suggest it is only windowdressing to keep more IE users from switching to Firefox. IE is an amazingly insecure browser and if IE7 is only a dressed up IE6 then the security problems will continue to hit a desktop near you. The only sane thing to do is kill IE and migrate to Firefox, Mozilla, Opera or any of the other alternatives out there.

Nokia may not be migrating 55,000 desktops from IE to Firefox this time. But it is only a matter of time before Nokia and the Corporate world do the math and figure out that IE is too much of a security (and thus financial) liability. Enough is enough. Time to take back the web.