3G, the lost billions

Ever since mobile operators shelled out billions for those overpriced UMTS licenses they have been trying to convince everybody and his dog that 3G will bring fabulous services. Reality doesn’t seem to agree. 3G has been wobbling towards memory lane for a while now as an expensive service that never seriously saw the light of day and successors/alternatives like HSDPA are already being rolled out. In the mean time the market place has changed considerably too. High speed Internet access is now just a utility which is something operators are hardly comfortable with. Denying the consumer choice is like writing your own death warrant. Makes one wonder why any operator thinks they can lock in the consumer by forcing them to use their messenger solution instead of Google Talk, MSN, Yahoo etc. This whole IMS business and the thought process behind it seems to have derailed considerably. Time for a rude awakening and who would be better suited to do that than the world’s market leader in the GSM handset space: Nokia. At the 3GSM show Nokia showed the world’s first mass-market dual-mode wi-fi handset. The implications are major: no more expensive GSM calls if you are in the vicinity of a WiFi access point. Read more here.

Fedora Core 5 Test3 available today

The wait will (hopefully) be worth it. Although there were conflicting dates mentioned back and forth when FC5T3 would be released, the powers that be made some sturdy comments that it will be today. I will start with trying it out on an RS/6000 model 43P-150 which is a PPC box. To be continued…

Update: well, so far so good. FC5T3 installed out of the box on my RS/6000 43P-150. Kudo’s to all the people who put in the major effort to support this arch! Next stop is rebuilding my Asterisk rpms on it.

Update2: things are not going well with zaptel on FC5t3 PPC 32 bit. Appareantly the zaptel modules don’t like being compiled with -fstack-protector. Comments from Arjan van de Ven (a Red Hat kernel guru) suggest the zaptel Makefile is on crack. Unfortunately my kernel module Makefile voodoo (or lack thereof) is insufficient to currently solve this one. So I need to do some more research to understand what is really causing this problem. A workaround could be to just disable the -fstack-protector thingy and even that doesn’t seem to easy.