Fedora 10 is out!

Fedora 10 is out! Get it here and read the release notes here. Enjoy! And for those who still don’t get this Community thing, here’s a quote from a message by Paul Frields the fearless Fedora Community leader: “Free software isn’t just about bits and bytes, it’s about people, about doing something real, something tangible, something lasting for your fellow human beings.”. Nuf said.

The book meme

The instructions:

Grab the nearest book, open it at page 56, find the fifth sentence and post the text of the sentence in your blog along with these instructions. Don’t pick your favourite book, the cool book or the intellectual one. Pick the closest.

The results (two books since I could not decide which one was closer):

“Each separate LE layer needs a different MAC address, but can share the same physical ATM connection (adapter).” from TCP/IP Tutorial and Technical Overview by Adolfo Rodriquez, John Gatrell, John Karas and Roland Peschke (IBM Redbooks)

“At any rate, these facts were all new to Lieutenant Bart” from The Confusion (Volume Two of The Baroque Cycle) by Neal Stephenson.