Who Writes Linux (hint: not Canonical)

The Linux Foundation just released their annual ‘Who Writes Linux’ report. A fascinating read worth your time if you are interested in the numbers behind Linux’ relentless progress. And guess which company is totally absent in the report? Canonical. No suprise there. All I hear from Shuttleworth is rhetoric about how the Community would benefit from synced releases. Yeah right.

Disable pcspkr module on Fedora

Tonight I was updating a laptop to F11, did some tab completion and almost had a heart attack from the way too loud beep that hammered my ears. Obviously this should never happen again so next step was disabling this deafening beep.

In the good ol’ days you disabled the beep from hammering your ears during tab completion by adding or uncommenting “set bell-style none” in /etc/inputrc. Since I don’t know if that still works I figured I might as well prevent the pcspkr module from loading in the first place with:

# echo “blacklist pcspkr” > /etc/modprobe.d/pcspkr.conf
# rmmod pcspkr

Enjoy the peace and quiet!