My first car

I was going through some really old stuff and found a picture of my first car. A silver-grey metallic Renault 5 GTL with bright orange upholstery which I bought in The Hague from a friend of a friend for FL 125 Guilders (less than 60 euros). Here is a picture:

My first car: a Renault 5 GTL
My first car: a Renault 5 GTL

I have fond memories of this car. Obviously the freedom it provided. It drove well too except that the engine would always overheat. The car had a temperature meter and it even worked so I knew when to stop which was after about 20km. To get going again I had to release some of the pressure by carefully opening the cap of the cooling system. Since I had little experience with car engines I couldn’t figure out what was causing it. It took me quite a while before I understood that it was a broken pressure valve in that same cap… Nevertheless this didn’t bother me as I had a car that took me places, albeit with some stops on the way.

At some point the water pump decided to pump the water on the street instead of through the system. That really needed fixing so I got a replacement pump at the car junkyard for 10 Guilders (less than 5 euros) and in the midst of winter removed the old pump and installed the new one. At freezing temperatures this wasn’t fun but in the end I succeeded and I was mobile once again.

After about a year of being my partner in crime the elements won. Due to extensive rust the left rear suspension pretty much detached from the chassis and that was the end of it. I remember driving her on a beautiful day to the junkyard where my little Renault met her final resting place.