Linus on Git branching

Recently Linus commented on the problems kernel developers have when they branch master at some random point:

To get cleaner history, people should try to keep their tree clean.
Not add random patches to random branches, and not start random
branches at random points in time that aren’t necessarily stable.

Git is extremely powerful and with great power comes great responsibility to not mess things up. Anyone who ever had the “pleasure” of bisecting a branch that was rebased when it should not have been will probably nod in agreement and either will follow or is already following Linus’ best practice.

Fedora Election Results

Fearless Fedora Project leader Jared Smith has announced the election results for FAmSCo, FESCo and seats on the Fedora Board.  Congratulations to Joerg Simon and Jaroslav Reznik for being elected to the Board, Christoph Wickert, Adam Jackson, Matthew Garrett and Marcela Maslanova for being elected to FESCo and to Neville A. Cross, Larry Cafiero, Rahul Sundaram, Gerard Braad, Igor Soares, Pierros Papadeas and Caius Chance for being elected to FAmSCo.