RHEL kernel ABI reference files not found

If you are building kernel modules on up-to-date RHEL 6 (or CentOS 6) and get the following warning:

Then some manual fixing is required. Here is the solution:

1) make sure you have the kABI Whitelists package installed

2) fix wrong search directory with a symlink

The script that does the kABI checks, find-requires.ksyms, is searching in the wrong directory. Here is the responsible snippet:

Looking in the /lib/modules/ directory we don’t find a ‘kabi’ dir:

The quick fix is to create a symlink ‘kabi’ pointing to ‘kabi-current’:

Once you have created the symlink, the find-requires.ksyms script will be able to find the kABI Whitelists and function correctly.

Clearly this is a very simple fix. Unfortunately Red Hat has not yet issued an update of the kabi-whitelists package. Hopefully it will be fixed with RHEL 6.5.

For future reference, the related bugzilla numbers are:

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