Counter Attack Blog Spam

After launching my blog I quickly noticed Google came by to index it. There were also a number of other not so well known spiders trawling the blog. At least not well known to me. I have no idea if these spiders are operated by spammers but the timing is suspicious. To my astonishment only a few hours after these spiders came by I received my first Casino spam comment. A quick google and search on the WordPress website showed that spam comments posted to blogs are a major problem worldwide. The spam comments continued to come in and I kept deleting them while doing more research.

Appareantly the current blog software is not really equipped to battle spambots that post spam comments. Some progress is being made with the release of anti-spam modules and howto documentation. The behavior of spambots is continuously analyzed so blog operators understand how the spambots work and can find ways to successfully deal with them. For now it seems that the spambots are winning. So I have chosen to switch off comments, for now. And when you think of it that is quite drastic because the very essence of blogging is sharing information with the possibility of a dialog (e.g. comments). What those spammers are doing is blatantly ruining another part of the “online experience”. It is both frustrating and a tribute to the inefficiency of the current anti-spam legislation or lack thereof.

Government and politicians should wake up and smell the coffee. Not only should new far reaching anti-spam legislation be introduced (and that definitely means opt-in and not opt-out). Besides making the entire spamming business illegal, they should also have a look at who is the beneficiary of the items advertised in spam. Follow the money. Extend the anti-spam legislation to the businesses that hire spammers to peddle their questionnable products. Then drag the spammer’s customers into court. Somehow this thought alone makes me smile but I also think it is an excellent deterrent to keep businesses from using this method to sell their products and services.

I will continue to look for ways to allow comments while keeping the spambots at bay. To be continued…

Blog Announcement

Since nowadays World+Dog are doing the blogging thing to share whatever rattles their chain, I thought I’d give it a try again. Years back when the “blogging” word did not even exist and I was traveling a lot I had setup a website for the same purpose. The reactions to the site were surprisingly positive and it was fun to keep it current due to those reactions.

So without further ado this is the announcement of Patrick’s Blog(2). It runs on Linux and is powered by Apache, PHP, WordPress and a modified version of the Gemini template. Webspace courtesy of Laimbock Consulting.

The focus will be mostly on Linux, Free & Open Source software, the OSS ecosystem, Networking technology, Telecommunications and the most disruptive technology of the 21st century: VoIP (Voice over IP). Both the business side of things as well as the technology. So expect postings primarily on these subjects. Enjoy.