Increase the framerate on the F16 screencast recorder

Fedora 16 comes with a built-in screencast recorder. By default the screencast recorder records the entire screen with a framerate of 15/sec. If you need a higher framerate then here’s what you do:

Open dconf-editor and go to org -> gnome -> shell -> recorder. Here you should see a number of options (file-extension, framerate and pipeline). Double click on the value of framerate and change it to your liking then press enter.

Next time you start (and stop) a screencast recording by pressing Control+Shift+Alt+R it will record with the new framerate you just entered. You can find your recording in your home directory. The name of the recording starts with shell-.

Want to know more about the keybindings used by the Shell? Check out the GNOME Shell Cheat Sheet.


Fedora 17 by default has a framerate of 30. If you also want to record the sound (on both F16 and F17) then enable it with the following command:
$ gsettings set pipeline “queue ! videorate ! vp8enc quality=10 speed=2 ! mux. pulsesrc ! audio/x-raw-int ! queue ! audioconvert ! vorbisenc ! mux. webmmux name=mux”

I tried this on F17 and it works with some caveats:

1) make sure you let the recording run for about 15 seconds longer than you need it to be. During my tests about 10 seconds of sound was missing at the end. It also means you will need to do some postprocessing with for example Audacious to chop off the extra 15 seconds of video

2) if you want to make multiple recordings then reload the desktop between recordings with Alt-F2 followed by “r” for reload. If you don’t do that then the second Screencast-… file does not get written to the Videos/ directory

3) after pressing Control+Shift+Alt+R to end the video make sure that the green bar in the lower right corner is empty and has disappeared and that the icon of the recording in Videos/ is a picture of your desktop instead of the greyed out one. Otherwise the unprocessed part of the recording gets lost. Also note the remark about multiple audiostreams in this bugreport.

Seems the screencast functionality in F17 could get some more TLC but it’s a nice start.

Update 2:

If you change the command to the one below then audio seems to be properly saved and you do not need to record an extra 15 seconds. Note that the second “queue” has been removed. If you copy and paste this command you may need to fix the double quotes. Here’s the updated command:
$ gsettings set pipeline “queue ! videorate ! vp8enc quality=10 speed=2 ! mux. pulsesrc ! audio/x-raw-int ! audioconvert ! vorbisenc ! mux. webmmux name=mux”